Call Verification Workflow
  • 22 Nov 2022
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Call Verification Workflow

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Article Summary


Jornaya's standard implementations are critical for ensuring that the data being evaluated is consistent across the entire Jornaya network. This article addresses the implementation for leads created in a web form experience and call verified in a call center before being provided to the call buyer.

Standard Implementation

  1. In a call verification implementation, the Jornaya LeadiD for the event will be created on the website where the consumer provides their information.
  2. This LeadiD should be propagated through each page of the user experience on the site.
  3. Once the lead is submitted, the same LeadiD should be passed into the call center form and should be set in the leadid_token hidden input field within the call center form prior to firing the Jornaya campaign javascript on that page.
  4. The LeadiD should then be propagated through each page of the call center verification form.
  5. The entire lead event will have one LeadiD associated and will be posted to the buyer with the lead data.


Once implemented, follow the steps in the Campaign Implementation Self Test to verify the implementation is working as expected.

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